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Apr 30, 2017
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Apr 30, 2017
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Priest Tier: Karen's New Position
Our Priest, KyleSAE, found a young woman who seemed too prudish. She was a seamstress, a costume maker, and an avid participant of Cosplay. Her youthful form was enhanced to promote confidence and her inhibitions reduced to help her come out of her 'shell' as it were.

Needless to say, after the Society's adjusting, Miss Karen is all to happy to aid the Morale of her benefactors.

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Priest Tier: Nevermore
Our Priestess NevermoreFox :iconnevermorefox: simply wanted to show off her form, a simple task. We are happy to see her enjoy her new abilities as the Society's Gift sparks from her fingertips.

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CMSN: A Priestess Punishment
Recently, we have noticed some in-fighting between two of our Priests in the last few days. The squabbling was little more than teasing and prodding, but feuds between Clergy have been known to escalate and become ruinous of the Solidarity of Societies. We have taken the Priestess, Serena, and temporarily stripped her of her station and angelic form for a few days. She will be serving out her sentence in the Society's Menagerie among the other beasts. The punishment is rather lax and there will not be any problems as long as she avoids extended interactions with our male foxes. Overexposure may lead to an extension of her sentence to the tune of 2 months (a vixen's average gestation period).

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CMSN: Be Down in a Minute
Commission for :iconketchupking56:

Seems The Society's little Llama outbreak wasn't as limited as we had originally projected. Seems more Llamafolk are coming forward recently, although most seem perfectly content with their new forms... maybe a little inconvenienced with some aspects but still happy.

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CMSN: Chaotic Loss of Order
The Society saw the rising popularity in the Vishkar Corporation and extended an offer of partnership to them. The architectural group wasn't very receptive to our kind offer... perhaps they were blinded by their hardlight.
In any case, we have ways to help them see the light, as it were. We found their Top Field Agent, a woman named Satya Vaswani, or alias Symmetra, and tried to have her talk some sense into her employers. She showed a similar apathy to our good nature, so we did what we had to do. It wasn't easy hacking into the Vishkar hardware, nor was it easy to change the nature of the hardlight generator. However, once we managed to take control of Miss Vaswani's arm, the next step was a simple task of waiting for her to have a meeting with the higher ups. A simple override, a few modifications input, and within minutes the board room became filled with the dumb bellows of a small herd of Hippopotamuses. The once great architect was now being used by her employers as a means to build the next generation of the herd, and as always she is all too happy to serve.

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*Audio found on an abandoned tape recorder*

My name is Alexa Cowen, a 23 year old journalist.

I am investigating rumors about a Secret Society that has been plaguing our city with strange changes every month for almost a year now. It started out under the guise of some artist trying to make end's meat with mixed results. As time went on, the artist began holding monthly vigils for his more dedicated followers. The scenes had whispers of people... changing? I can't say for certain, but the group meetings seemed to have a heavy focus on the erotic and the abnormal. It didn't seem to be much of a threat, just some stories here and there... but then, things started happening.

The changes to the city became more noticeable. A new Sorority opened up almost overnight, its members becoming the center of attention for their stunning beauty, their partying nature, and for the spike in disappearances that seemed to follow each of their parties. I didn't see the connections then, until I noticed a few of the less pronounced members of the society attending the monthly meetings with the Artist... Another month, there was a sudden rash of personality changes. Strong female CEOs and decorated officers of the law began to quit their jobs and retire to the lives of Housewives or Socialites, their personalities seemingly warped to be submissive and passive. These same officers had been tasked with actively investigating the Society, making sure they weren't doing anything illegal. I surmise they got too close to the truth and had to be dealt with subtly. The CEOs must have posed a threat as well, potentially putting political or financial pressure on the society. Most people have accepted this Society as nothing more than a social club for like-minded individuals, but I see the real story.

I am presently recording from inside the walls of the Society's main estate. The manor is lit up as one of the revels seem to be happening as we speak. It is important to note that the Society has been more active lately, not just bound to one night each month but instead almost a nightly affair! As a journalist, it is my duty to bring down these degenerates and-

*sound of rustling*

I think I heard someone nearby... *long silence* ...Okay, I think it's safe now... the courtyard is so large. I had no idea this Society had grown to this extent, how much power do they Bah-Wield? *coughs* sorry, I think there's something in mah-ah-ah-ah throat *more coughs* I... As I approach the manor I... It's getting harder to Baa-ah-ah.... Concentrate... I feel... I feel so strange... *sounds of fabric rustling and tearing* SHIT! I... I have to get out of- BAAAAAAH!! No! *more stumbled running, distant hoofbeats can be heard* NO! NO GET AWAY!!! *sounds of sheep bleating, rustling against the recorder* NO! Bah-Back Off!!! I... I CAN'T... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

*sound of the tape recorder hitting ground*

*sounds of sheep bleating and bells ringing rhythmically... almost as if the sheep were mating*

*recording ends*

I am on a two week vacation from work, I have scheduled an Art Stay-cation for this time and at the top of my list has been to update my Patreon. There are now five tiers of interest and Daily sketches coming out every Monday through Friday for those who become members of the Society. So come visit and see what we have to offer our darling members


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