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Who Should Get a New Character Reference Sheet/Update? 

72 deviants said Wren/Wrenni
45 deviants said Ebonii
41 deviants said Jenny
14 deviants said Sam
8 deviants said Noah (Villain from The Facility)
8 deviants said Rai (Villain from XXBeat)
4 deviants said Other (comment below)


:iconanimalchange: :icontfpet: :iconwonderfulworldoftg: :icontg-kingdom-rpg:


Nov 26, 2014
9:10 am
Nov 26, 2014
9:09 am
Nov 26, 2014
9:09 am
Nov 26, 2014
9:08 am
Nov 26, 2014
9:06 am



Subi and Sam by Wrenzephyr2
Subi and Sam
I ship it

Sam definitely is a bit of a Melon Chaser (loving the big breasts) and definitely watermelons in general are yummy

Dammit now I want Watermelons

Subi belongs to :iconsutibaruart:
Narobii by Wrenzephyr2
Just a new sphinx character, still working on some details but I think she's related to Ebonii, always figured she had ties in Northern Africa and Egypt
Skull Bound by Wrenzephyr2
Skull Bound
A doodle I did in my printmaking class that I considered making into a print, but decided it didn't really work. However, I liked the design and figured it could fit in somewhere, so here he is.
Print01 by Wrenzephyr2
As with most art dumps, I like to sneak in some of my school work to get your guys' thoughts on it.

This is my first Screenprinting experiment, we had to make a collage from magazines we owned then make those into layered prints. It was rough, especially given my lack of magazines or anything resembling collage ability, but the result I kind of like.
Sam Chicken by Wrenzephyr2
Sam Chicken
Sam getting turned into a chicken, not much more to say I don't think lol

Just wanted some practice on this style of transformation setup
So I'm in a Video Art class and we have a project coming up about using multiple channels, which means multiple videos.

My original idea was going to be a simple one but I kind of want to wow the teacher for once with an idea. So here's my proposal:

i would like to me to have a series of 10 min or so videos from as many of my followers as I can manage. They don't have to be anything special or fancy, just a standing video, preferably no camera movement, showing an area.

a few guidelines:

1. I would prefer the videos be looking out a window or doorway or have a window in the shot

2. I would like it to be at roughly the same time of day (not concerned with time zones) so around 11am - 3pm, for daylight.

3. It wouldn't have to be in your room or house, just prefer it goin out the window.

4. These can be video camera footage, phone footage, or even webcam footage

the end result will be me filling each compute in a computer lab with a different setting from a different location of the world. I would love to collab with you guys, please comment here or note me if you're interested.



Jo Hartman
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Chain Series

$7 per Chain Link

Pinups/Single-Shot TFs:

Black and White: $7 +$4/extra subject

Colored: $10 + $5/extra subject


Black and White: $8 per stage

Colored: $10 per stage

Comic Pages:

If you have an idea and you're not exactly sure which category it falls under, just send me a note for a free estimate (lol seriously who chargers for estimates?? CON ARTISTS that's who)


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Thanks for the fav on Millianna, are you my Mommy?!
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hmm just remembered to ask what's the deal with patreon commissions, as I've yet to really see anything come of donating.
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I need to make a journal about this so I can organize

you have 3 sequences yes? If you have an idea please note me
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kk i'll see if i can figure something out.
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I'm excited
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If I'm correct, chances are that you and/or that ChibiKawaiiNyaan chick just signed onto deviant-art a few months ago, only has one or zero artwork posted, and most of the posts have to deal with that "Bloody Mary" "Kissed on the best day of your life," or vengeful children chain mail shit.
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